Some Holiday HiJinks Caught in the Act

ZenoJust a little scenario put together for those who occasionally ponder the question "do animals think?"

Near the center of the photo to the right sits Zeno the cat casing the joint, setting up his bold move—the theft of a holiday Santa hat!

There's a carved squirrel on the middle shelf sporting exactly what he's looking for—a burgundy velvet Santa Claus hat complete with woolly trim! The coast appears to be clear. He springs into action, quick as a wink and grabs the hat right off that bedecked squirrel's head!

Zeno Please know that the squirrel is clasping an actual pecan loosely in his extended arms. Zeno's move is so perfect, the nut does not even bobble!

Zeno Got it! Now all he has to do is leave the scene of the holiday crime and take his prize somewhere else where he can admire it in private.

Mission accomplished! There he goes. And all this in just a matter of seconds.

The cameraman, by the way, was across the room watching and waiting to see just who the thieving culprit is. The hat had been found on a daily basis in the strangest of places—very often in a bucket of Meow Mix and once after a winter storm out in the yard in the melting snow!