18" square Backgammon

12 x 20 Checkerboard Tray

18" square Parcheesi

Primitive framed gameboards designed after old vintage boards are always available at The Barnyard Shoppe. Made from half-inch pine, they are hand-painted—never stenciled!—in rich country colors and painstakingly taken through many steps from start to finish to enhance the feeling of age—with crackled finishes, dirt buildup in corners and heavily worn surfaces where play would have been most intense. Joints are intentionally allowed to “drift” within the frame to encourage the cracks inevitable with age as wood lives, moves, dries, and breathes. The above photographs are examples of available designs; stars and geometric shapes in beautiful contrasting color combinations are used to enhance the playing field. They make very striking wall decorations but can also be used for family fun. Parcheesi, backgammon and two styles of checkerboards—three if you count the Canadian version of Draughts —are available.

Especially charming—but just for show—are Barbara’s TEDDY BEAR GAMEBOARDS™ which are miniature versions of the full-size varieties, just right for entertaining your favorite doll or teddy bear. They range in size from 3 to 5 inches square and come in the same designs as the big boards with the addition of Chinese Checkers. Custom-built game tables and chairs are also available by special request and add to the Teddy Bears’ fun.