Family Gallery

Although the namesake of my folk art workshop, Springer Spaniel Amos D Bugg, was the only family pet officially connected to the Barnyard Shoppe, there were plenty more family members who deserve recognition even though they didn’t carry so much responsibility! Here’s just a sampling of them! (You might even want to check out some of the animal shenanigans that go on at my house.)

And don't miss meeting all twelve of my adopted dogs, starting with INDIE, who was adopted in November 2006 from English Springer Rescue America. What a handsome little guy!

Miss Beatrice, a bit forlorn without her Amos

Mother and daughter, Shostie and Willie, quite contented

Amos and Daisy — with friends like this, who needs anything else?

The Simple Life — what an understatement!

My beautiful photogenic Beatrice in her youth

Brothers Zeno and Virgil, the scaredy-cats

This is wonderful laid-back Chester—I’d tell you he’s the perfect cat but he’s convinced he’s a dog!

Beatrice and her sister KT as teenagers happily practicing their newly acquired tango steps.

Zeno demonstrating his subtle gentlemanly approach to the pleasures of catnip

Little Jesse never met a container that he didn't like! He is master of all he sees!

Jesse and Edward just barely out of kittenhood

The highly unusual breed “Giraffe Dog” as a puppy (Actually pint-sized puppies Bea and KT with assorted body parts obscured by apple tree)

Two best friends Amos and Beatrice exhausted after a long hard day taking care of everyone!

Chester and his sisters, Daisy and Zoe

Special Note:

Beatrice and Amos were the last two in a long list of beloved Springer Spaniels in my family to have been raised from puppies. After Amos died and Beatrice was 13 years old, my sons introduced me to the world of "breed-specific rescue organizations!" I would have never believed that there could be a Springer Spaniel out there without a loving family! What a shocking surprise was waiting for me!

What has followed since my introduction to English Springer Rescue America, Inc., is what some might call a steady flow of rescued Springers into my family. There have been twelve of them since 2006! And yes, all twelve of them were in the family at the same time — along with an assortment of foster dogs along the way that sometimes brought the number of Springers in my house at one time to sixteen! Needless to say, I had to be careful where I walked or sat to make sure I didn't rouse one from a peaceful nap!

Don’t miss meeting Indie, the first of THE RESCUED DOZEN!