Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Zoe — RESCUE #11

There are those who have questioned whether I might be defined as a "hoarder" since I have now admittedly "failed" at fostering ten times in three years! In truth, anyone who understands that I have fostered a total of 35 ESRA dogs since May 2011 and adopted less than 30% of them would realize that I am a true "rescuer" and nothing more.

But then along came precious tiny little Zoe in September 2014 to possibly whack that notion right off the track!

Zoe was reluctantly surrendered to ESRA by her mom due to Zoe's growing anxiety with changes in her environment and lifestyle. She was being left alone longer hours in a new home and she was finding it very hard to cope! Puppy prozac wasn't helping so her mom felt she had no choice but to hope that ESRA could find Zoe a suitable new home.

Probably within two minutes of Zoe and her mom entering my front gate, I knew Zoe had already found her new home! She was just three weeks shy of her 11th birthday, much older than what most of ESRA adopters consider ideal, and her mom had documented evidence of serious property destruction done by Zoe due to separation anxiety despite the diminutive size of this "mini" Springer girl. I admit I never once considered any option but "hoarding" this precious little baby doll all for myself! I apologize to any of you who might have jumped at the chance to love this little girl. I consider that she is my reward for being the one responsible for the intake of Springers in the Carolinas at the time! Coordinators and foster homes always have "the first option" in providing Forever Homes for our rescued Springers! This was my lucky day!

Beautiful Morning with Very Sad News
September 22, 2003 – February 26, 2015

Yesterday was a typical happy day at my house. Everyone seemed in good spirits and good health, nothing at all out of the ordinary for anyone which I am always very attuned to. However, as I was preparing supper last night for my pups, I noticed little Zoe was not doing her usual cute bouncy act while she waited just a bit impatiently with the others. I dropped what I was doing and went to find her. I found her sitting comfortably outside without seeming to realize it was suppertime. I brought her inside and I put her in her special spot for meals and presented her supper but she politely turned her head and suggested that she wasn't really hungry. (She had not been interested in supper two days ago as well, but ultimately accepted several bites of canned food when I offered it by hand. The next morning she ate breakfast with enthusiasm so I didn't worry about her previous reluctance to eat.) After supper we all went on with our evening plans which included preparing for what we expected to find this morning — about 5 inches of gorgeous snow! When we woke up this morning and as everyone ran out the door (with varying levels of excitement and interest) once again I realized that Zoe was not with us. Sadly, I found her still in her favorite dog bed in the bedroom where she had peacefully passed away during the night.

What a joy it was to have her in my family, even though it was for just a short time. I'm sure Blake and Sam will take good care of her at the Rainbow Bridge!

Epilogue: My vet explained that Zoe evidently had a tumor on her spleen that had to date gone undiagnosed due to the absence of symptoms. It had created what is known as a slow "belly bleed" and would have been impossible to correct without the knowledge that it was at work. Her blood pressure simply dropped as she slept to a level that was unable to support life. I wish I had known!

Actual birthdate: 9/22/2003