Growing Family Gallery —
we proudly introduce Sam and Sarah — RESCUE#s 4 and 5


Now there are five of them!

In October 2011, a few months after Dutch had wormed his way into the family, I got a call from the neighbor of an elderly South Carolina gentleman who had died and left a 8-year-old brother-sister team of Springers bereft and bewildered in the back yard. They were being cared for but no one in the family could take them so the neighbor asked if there was anything ESRA could do to find them a new home together. Of course ESRA could do that so I made arrangements for Sam and Sarah to be transported to my house in North Carolina.

Learning from the beginning that Sam was "a bit temperamental" and Sarah lacked confidence and was very shy, I figured I might have a little trouble finding them a willing adopter but I would gladly take care of them until I did. After all, there were only three Springers and two cats at my house — what's two more mouths to feed?

It didn't take long to discover some of Sam's and Sarah's favorite activities. Sarah's joy was the bathtub! The very first morning after they arrived, imagine my surprise to be taking a shower and find Sarah begging to jump in with me! She was also devoted to a favorite toy — her "baby" that had come with her from South Carolina. Over time I also realized that any soft stuffed toy that was added to the toy box would be stealthily stolen by Sarah so she could quietly sneak out into the yard and hide it from the others. I learned to routinely follow her outside and watch her carefully thought-out plan so I could retrieve the prize if need be.

Sam was a first-class, inveterate, quite accomplished counter surfer — well, actually, table trekker. For years, I had been feeding cats Willie and Daisy on the dining room table to give them peace while they ate. I began to notice that they were certainly eating their meals more quickly than usual and they also always seemed to still be hungry! Finally I got the picture! Literally, here's the picture — to the left!

Sadly, Sammy passed away in his sleep in early September 2014. The cause will remain a mystery. For several weeks, he was being seen regularly by my vet for what was obvious discomfort — xrays showed his bones to be "patchy" and we were in the process of trying to determine the reason when he peacefully died in his sleep one night. I found him early the next morning in his favorite dog bed with sweet sister Sarah lovingly by his side.

November 8, 2016: Another heartbreaking day for the King Family. My sweet Sarah had what vets refer to as an "old dog vestibular episode" a few days after Indie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in mid January 2016. After two weeks of nausea, disorientation, wobbling and overall malaise, she emerged from the worst of it but never really lost the "head tilt" and rarely seemed steady on her feet since that day except at mealtime when she would jump and twirl and dance with delight — even this very morning at breakfast time. Later today, sadly, she had what appeared to be another vestibular episode but, according to my vet, it turned out to be more likely a stroke or a bleeding into her brain. The right thing to do was to let her go to rejoin her beloved brother Sammy and lots of other King dogs that she knew and loved well. I am very sad but I know it was the right decision for my sweet sweet girl. Rest in peace, Sarah. You were loved by everyone who knew you.

Actual birthdate for siblings Sam and Sarah: 1/8/2003