Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Mori — RESCUE #10

Early in January 2014 I got word of a Springer owner whose long work hours were just too much for her beloved sweet Springer but she didn't know where to turn. Here comes ESRA to the rescue and this sweet sweet little girl found herself in ESRA's foster care with the King family very quickly.

Mori is one of those Springers who steals your heart the minute you meet her. She is so grateful to be loved and cared for that she constantly wiggles with delight and appreciation. Her coat is as soft as silk but there are underlying skin issues that cause the areas around her eyes and mouth to sometimes be almost as raw looking as hamburger meat — no tests to date have proved conclusive to the cause so we just keep "managing" the flare-ups when they occur. Mori always wiggles with exuberance in appreciation for our efforts! It was this constant reminder of her thanks that made me decide to adopt her rather than trying to explain her bewildering skin condition to prospective ESRA adopters.

Mori has one habit that I will admit is one of my pet peeves — she is a licker! Try as I might to stop this practice, it seems to be part of her package of gratitude so it simply must be endured!

I've had several Springers in my life who have been described as "sweet" — and my Blake will ALWAYS win the title of "sweetest" no matter who comes next — but Mori is so sweet she just keeps me smiling all day. She is undemanding, unassuming, quiet, polite, gentle, trouble-free — how many other descriptive adjectives or phrases can I use here to say Miss Mori is a dream addition to my family — except for the licking part. She was adopted as a "trio" of girls which brought the count of "girldogs" way beyond the expected King Family "dogboy" count — Mori, Molly and Zoe in one fell swoop, numbers 9, 10 and 11 as ESRA dogs to the King Family! Each one unique and special in their own right and loved beyond measure by their mom!

No Springer Spaniel should ever be without a loving home!

Another Day of Heartbreak
September 29, 2005 – March 29, 2019

Dementia and ongoing medical issues quietly and slowly have stolen our sweet Mori from us. Her increasing bewilderment and exhaustion from navigating through every day recently, even with her trusty devoted Dutch always by her side, let me know that it would be a blessing for her if I could let her go. That decision was made today and she is now an angel running with joy with the many beloved family Springers that went before her. I'm not sure how Dutch will respond over the next few days when he realizes she's not coming back home, but I'll be here to help him through it. I'm heartbroken but know it was the right time to do the right thing for this sweet little girl who had so many daily frustrations. She was loved and will be missed.

Actual birthdate: 9/29/2005