Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Molly — RESCUE #9

Miss Molly came in to ESRA's care in December 2013 when her owners were divorcing and they dumped her at a South Carolina shelter saying "Neither one of us want her!" Her new harsh reality sent this little sensitive dog into a tailspin. At the shelter she was so nervous she refused to eat and quickly became painfully thin. One of the shelter workers tried taking her home with her but Molly's anxiety was just too much so she brought her back to the shelter and contacted ESRA. I was able to get her into a foster home quickly — one that had already warned that they may fall in love with her and keep her. Just a few short days into her stay, however, the family admitted that her erratic behavior and nervous pacing was something they couldn't handle. At the time there was an elderly gentleman looking for a mature Springer that he could dote on and spoil to pieces. Molly seemed like the perfect fit for him so off she went to her third potential home. She lasted a couple of weeks this time, but when she tore up a door frame trying to find someone so she wouldn't be alone, she failed yet again to convince her new man that she was worth the trouble. The answer was to have her brought to the King household!

Having a ready-made pack of dogs to keep her company helped Molly somewhat but still it took me 8 months of painstaking work to rid her of her anxiety. Once it was clear that we had reached that magical point, I realized that it would be heartless to make her go through that again so she became an official King Dog!

She is a bit of a diva, but no one around here minds that at all. In fact, we think she deserves the role as reward for her new personality! She is also quite an elegant and beautiful Springer which we believe makes her feel all the more entitled to the regal title.

The following video clips are grainy and difficult to watch because they were taken by a webcam through a window screen, but take a minute to watch and you'll see the remarkable improvement in Molly's level of anxiety! It took 8 months for her to achieve such serenity, but the clips are proof of what can happen if time and patience and the proper management is available for a dog with severe separation anxiety!

Another Heartbreak in the King Family
December 11, 2003 – February 22, 2018

Molly has had a rough few months. Always highstrung and haughty, several months ago she began to get a bit aggressive with Mori as Mori's eyesight failed and could no longer see Molly's teeth-baring sneer warning her from getting too close. Then in early November Molly suffered one of those dreadfully scary vestibular episodes and never fully recovered. On February 21, I took her to the vet because she was slobbering bloody drool; an abscessed tooth appeared to be the culprit so my vet scheduled her for surgery the following day. Before getting the anesthesia, Molly suffered something similar to a seizure and was in such distress that they xrayed her chest. Sadly, a large mass was discovered in her lungs and the humane choice to say goodbye to her was determined to be the best. We are heartbroken.

Actual birthdate: 12/11/2003