Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Indie — RESCUE #1

We know that no dog will ever replace Amos in our hearts, but there is always room for a new love! We are pleased to present Indie, who was officially adopted from English Springer Rescue America in December 2006. Check out photos from his first days with us and watch this spot for what is sure to be an interminable gallery of others:

First official snapshot. He actually stops, sits and poses for the camera if he is aware a photo opp is a possibility.

Apparently, Indie can also read with the best of them.

He has great respect for the Christmas tree all decked out — in fact, although quite quick and inquisitive, he is very much the graceful gentleman as he sweeps through the house checking everything out!

Yes, he has spooked the cats, but momentarily at least one of them co-existed on their first night together.

Hopes that Indie will become a dear companion for Beatrice are high. Found them napping together under my desk on day 2.

First Official Visitor: Indie loves his “grandmother” — she brought treats!

There’s lots for a young man to survey here in Browns Summit.

Indie is already quite a “toy boy.”

This is the favorite toy for sure. It quacks!

Yes, it’s official — Beatrice has a new boyfriend!

Just who is that handsome fella in that glass?

Was this Indie’s first snow? We have no idea! But we can say for sure that he had more fun than it looks like he had!

Does he look comfortably “at home” or what!

Just how special is Indie? He had his very own surprise birthday party! Thanks to some wacky friends! Much appreciated, you guys!

Just one of those terrific birthday gifts — combining two favorite hobbies, tugging and chewing on tennis balls!

Please, please, please, anyone out there refusing a take a chance on a dog who “can’t be trusted with cats,” know that if you’re willing to put in the time, the love, the patience, the treats, the tears, it can happen! Maybe I just have the perfect dog and the perfect cats, but just look at this, the first chilly night in September and they all came running for comfort!

Ten months after the warning “Indie might counter surf,” he finally made his move at a big outdoor party when he thought no one was looking! But he was wrong! and that onlooker had a camera! Indie got busted!

February 20, 2015 Very Interesting Added Note:

I recall vaguely that the ESRA coordinator who helped me adopt Indie in 2006 had mentioned that Indie was "well bred" but at the time that information was not the least bit interesting to me so I didn't ask for details. For a reason that is a bit comical in itself — having to do with some shenanigans perpetrated by a couple of my dogs deciding to raid a file folder filled with important papers — I found myself on February 20 taking a good look at Indie's Certified Pedigree. Wow! Indie's grandfather was CH Salilyn's Condor (known as Robert) who was the Best in Show winner at Westminster in 1993! Indie's father, CH Preferred Stock CK One, I'm told was also well-known on the show circuit. This new information doesn't make me love Indie any more, but it does make me proud to remember that from Day One he was given the nickname "The Little Prince" at my house. Turns out in addition to his regal nickname and his last name being King he is royalty indeed!

July 2015 update:

Indie, despite his good genes, slowly lost his sight as he entered his 14th year and also suffers from canine cognitive disorder, but his annual checkup in mid July proves that, now at 15 1/2, his heart and other organs are strong, he has absolutely no signs of the debilitating arthritis or lack of muscle tone that has plaqued most of my other Springers as they aged, and there is still lots of joy in his daily life, especially at meal time. He will hopefully remain "my little Prince" for quite some time yet.

January 16, 2016:

Another large piece of my heart went to heaven this morning. Just one month shy of his 16th birthday, my Little Prince let me know he was ready to cross that Rainbow Bridge. My only comfort is that he has lots of friends up there waiting for him. My heart hurts.

English Springer Rescue America

By the way, this is how I met Indie. This write-up and the accompanying photos of him that I found on the ESRA website stole my heart. I followed up with an official application with ESRA, telephone interview, home visit, and approval from my local vet. Having successfully gone through the first steps, they allowed me to have a special “visit.” Once it was clear that he liked us and we liked him, he became the new “king of Browns Summit!”


Age: 6 years
Gender: Male
Color: Black and White
Weight: 60 lbs
Variety: Bench/Show-Bred

Indigo is a 6 year old Black and White boy that is up to date on vaccines, neutered and housetrained. He is a solid 60 lb Springer.

Indigo was relinquished because of a change in his family's lifestyle. He has joined a very busy foster home and is adjusting well. He is enjoying his new playmates and loves all humans. His first day home from the shelter he took a nap under his foster mom's desk. He cries a bit when you are out of his sight, but settles down if he has a another dog around. He has wonderful house manners but will counter surf if you are not watching.

Indie has been here two weeks and has become quite an outgoing boy. He loves to play chase and ball with the other dogs, and will run the fence line when he sees a deer. He is active all day, but settles nicely. He enjoys a nap after his early meal, will snuggle any time, and goes to bed right after dinner.


Posted: 11/5/06
Traveled to Browns Summit to begin visit: 12/09/06

Actual birthdate: 2/14/2000

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