Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Dutch — RESCUE #3

Here are the photos and write-up posted in April 2011 on the ESRA website to introduce Dutch to ESRA's potential adopters. I had agreed to foster him — my first attempt at fostering — and I scoffed at the numerous stories I heard about weak-willed foster families who I was told often "failed Fostering 101." That surely wouldn't happen to me!





ESRA#: 2011-178SC
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Color: Liver & White
Weight: 55 lbs
Variety: Bench

It's not often a fella quite as handsome as me comes into rescue. Yes, I know I think highly of myself but, as you can see, I am handsome. Oh, let me add and very sweet!

My littermate and I came to ESRA via an area shelter. Unfortunately our parents divorced and mom had to move to an apartment thus no place for us to go. Well, enough of that stuff.

My brother is already adopted because he is a bit more secure than I am. He is independent and I am not. I really want another brother or a sister to keep me feeling safe. I am a very healthy guy and very social. I have great manners, eat slowly unlike other Springers I know that inhale their food. I am gentle, want to be close to my humans, sleep on the bed, enjoy some time outside, maybe a swimming pool … I love water and need a canine companion.

I am neutered, up to date on vaccines and preventatives. And one more thing, I've met two cats and they seem to think I'm real nice to have around.

Posted: 4/25/11


Now there are three King Boys!

Long before I became ESRA's Coordinator for North and South Carolina, I knew that there were never enough foster homes so Dutch was to be my honest-to-goodness effort to foster a Springer for them! I figured since he was only five years old, he was much too young to become a King Boy, plus he was such a nearly perfect Springer (except for his separation anxiety which I didn't understand from the beginning was so severe) I was pretty sure he would find a Forever Home very quickly. Dutch, however, had other plans. He looked up at me with those beautiful soulful eyes, threw in a "paw in the lap" for good measure and said "Please let me stay. I like it here." I was a goner! What a sucker! So now there are three King Boys!

Dutch goes well beyond the definition of a "Velcro Springer" — he literally has to be physically within 8 inches of me no matter where I am, where I go, or what I am doing. I learned the hard way that if I left him for more than ten minutes, he would climb over the fence and run up and down the highway looking for me! I had two Thundershirts because both Indie and Blake were afraid of storms, so I tried putting one on Dutch any time I left. The result would be a frantic phone call from a neighbor saying "Your dog is frantically running around in my yard — and why in the world is he wearing a sweater in mid August?"

The only immediate answer to Dutch's "isolation distress" was to close off a small section of the fence nearest the dog door and build it up to six feet. Although he tried to master climbing over the higher fence, he never succeeded. He chewed enough of the pickets to render them fit for the next bonfire, but he never was able to escape again. He finally learned that, no matter where I go or how long I'm gone, I always come back!

Dutch is a gentle, happy little fellow. He loves Indie and Blake and thinks the King toy box is a wonder to behold! Special ESRA friends in Ohio sent him a "Happy Gotcha Day" present which is still a favorite although now quite tattered. His likeness was also captured for posterity by a wonderful artist who was in the middle of a commissioned portrait of Indie and Blake when she learned I had adopted Dutch. She was able to sneak Dutch in the background, complete with his Ohio Buckeye toy!

Click this link to see a larger version of this wonderful portrait of my three boys.

Actual birthdate: 10/21/2006