Growing Family Gallery — we proudly introduce Blake — RESCUE #2

Indie has a new best friend!

Sadly, we lost Beatrice in late summer 2007, and Indie and I and the cat girls were adjusting as well as could be expected. But there was just something missing! Did we dare try another adoption? Could ESRA possibly have another perfect fit for my family? The answer turned out to be a resounding “yes!” Hello, Blake! And thank you again, ESRA! (The green-framed photo collage below, including liver and white Blake, were all taken within four days of his arrival! The photo in the top right corner was actually snapped within ONE HOUR of Blake’s arrival at my house and his introduction to Indie! It was a sure sign that he would be happy here!)

So, this is my yard, is it?

A very familiar pose! I think I like it here!

“Watercooler Conversation”
with Blake and Shostie

What am I supposed to do with this?

English Springer Rescue America

We got word in early November 2007 that a bunch of Springers were coming to foster care in North Carolina from Alabama. We anxiously waited to hear more about them. Once they cleared the first inspections by the ESRA coordinators, we started studying their individual stories. We knew right away that the one they called “Houdini” wasn’t for us, and the one who wanted to be the “alpha” wouldn’t fit in. One by one, we considered their personalities—then we read about Blake. It seeemed he just might be the one for us!


ESRA#: 2007-928AL

Age: 7 yrs
Gender: Male
Color: Liver and White
Weight: 59 lbs
Variety: Bench-Bred


Are you looking for a handsome, strong, mellow sweet mature gentleman to be part of your life? If so I am the guy for you. I am Blake and most definitely a gentleman. I am 7 years old and eagerly seeking a forever home. I am a bit shy but I am learning that life can be great in a loving caring home. I have spent my entire life with many other dogs. I enjoy the companionship of another dog, but I would prefer a gentle soul. I could also be a spoiled single boy as well.

I have recently been neutered and received some much needed health care. I have suffered with damaged teeth and poor dental health for quite some time. My new veterinarian believes I am on the road to recovery since receiving a necessary dental. I have 4 damaged canine teeth and almost lost them all. It is hard to believe that I can be as sweet as I am after some adversity in my life. I love to sun bathe and relax on the deck at my foster home. I give great hugs and a shy little kisses.

If you have a comfy spot for me in your home, a couple of good meals a day and lots of love please complete the adoption application and ask for Blake the handsome liver and boy in North Carolina!

I can't wait to hear from you soon.


Posted: 11/29/07 but didn't have to wait long before he found a perfect new place to live! Welcome to Browns Summit, Blake!

Although Blake is always a bit shy and reserved around strangers or company, I have dozens of video clips that show his zest for life when he is feeling free to be himself. Here are two of my favorites — you'll notice the clear differences in the personalities of Blake and Indie. Indie does NOT like to get his feet wet and generally shuns anything fun that appears to be beneath his dignity!

Heartbreaking news

With a heart that I know will never heal, I have to announce that my precious sweet Blake crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 10, 2014. He came to ESRA in 2007 with very bad hips and struggled often to make his hind quarters do his bidding, especially as he aged. One early morning as we were getting ready for breakfast, the dog headcount was one shy and I knew immediately it was my Blake who was missing and where I would find him since he was not in the house. He was resting comfortably under the wisteria pergola, his favorite place, and as he looked at me with relief that I had come out there all by myself to find him, he let me know that he was ready to go.

My vet used to always secretly whisper to me "Blake is your favorite, isn't he?" I'll never tell, but I will admit that I know my heart will never heal!