The Reason the Quilt Was Created

xxThe Springer Kingdom quilt was pieced by machine but quilted entirely by hand — I estimate there are more than 20,000 stitches and almost 500 hours of work in this project! Fabrics chosen for the quilt are 100% prewashed cotton, including the specialty fabric featuring the Springer photos (and the custom-designed paw print fabric I created for use in a few small details in the design). The photo squares are printed on the specialty fabric using an inkjet printer. To protect the color prints, the photo fabric manufacturer recommends dry cleaning — or at the very least, gentle hand-washing and line drying, preferably out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Incidentally, the printed fabric squares featuring the Springer photos were very carefully dyed in a weak tea solution before quilt construction to soften the stark white background so they would blend more naturally with the neutral colors of the fabrics chosen for the quilt.

The finished bound dimensions of the quilt are 52 inches by 62 inches — it has a sleeve at the top edge to accommodate a rod for hanging.

Back and front views showing closer detail of hand quilting

For an even closer view of the details of the bottom right corner of the quilt, click the links below:

Back view of hand quilting in bottom right corner of quilt

Front view of bottom right corner of quilt

A patchwork quilt — a definite labor of love — seems a fitting metaphor for what many animal-loving volunteers lovingly refer to as "rescue." Picking up the pieces and patching up lives is what many of us do every day for the Springers in need who find refuge with ESRA. This quilt was designed as a tribute to every Springer Spaniel that has ever been given a renewed chance at a happy life — particularly the ones who found themselves members of the King family either permanently or temporarily — and in honor of the countless hours of dedicated work by thousands of other ESRA volunteers!

The quilt was donated to ESRA as a fundraiser in the hopes that it would appeal to many Springer lovers who understand that ESRA's work is successful because of their generous financial support. The winner of this quilt got a unique reward for that devotion!