My View of Browns Summit

Welcome to "downtown Browns Summit" and the views out my window. The view to the left is the entrance to the barnyard and my workshop (better known as The Barnyard Shoppe of Amos D. Bugg) after a summer storm. The pot of gold was found just a few yards away!

The pergola in the main yard is one of my favorite garden projects. It is so fully covered now with wisteria that you can no longer see the structure itself — just look at the recent photo of the wisteria in full bloom! The lush catmint patch surrounding the pergola provides special spots for napping and pouncing for my many cats on hot summer days.

The proud turkey red clapboard building that you can see in the background of the early pergola photograph is the historic Browns Summit Broom Works, still fully equipped with wonderful vintage machines and broomstraw all over the floor! The building is currently open as the workshop of a custom furniture maker. He is also reviving the the art of Browns Summit broom-making!

The magnificent dairy barn pictured below the wisteria photo is in its full glory fronted by a huge field of periwinkle bachelor’s buttons. On alternate years it is one of Browns Summit’s many tobacco fields. This vista is right across the road from my house and is a never-ending source of inspiration and smiles.

Browns Summit doesn’t have a stoplight, but it does have the requisite general store, post office and railroad crossing. The tracks cut right across the western back edge of my property and every once in a while I capture a magical moment like this one when a rare steam engine comes through town. (Click the photo for a full size version.) Not so rare, but still delightful, are the daily (and nightly) serenades my dogs sing with the frequent passing freight trains!

All the photographs above make it look like eternal summer in Browns Summit so to prove we actually get snow from time to time, here’s a shot from a very unusual early December snow. It was beautiful but I lost power for over a week (along with millions of other North Carolinians) so the beauty of it all was overshadowed by the inconvenience! At least I learned that I would have made a good pioneer!

UPDATE: On July 2, 2017, I celebrated 25 years here in my home in Browns Summit. I had to laugh as I reread the paragraph about Browns Summit as originally written on this page. We now have not one but three stoplights. The general store long ago closed and is now a storage bin for a junk dealer. And, good grief, a "dollar store" was built on the other side of the tracks when one of the original farmhouses was torn down. Other observations: The sounds that used to thrill my ears – the songs of Bob Whites and Chuck Wills Widows – are now replaced with an almost constant parade of pickup trucks and commuters racing down the road. Still happy to be here.