Birdhouses for your Country Garden

Country birdhousesAll of the birdhouses and nesting boxes created at The Barnyard Shoppe of Amos D. Bugg are fully functional and “ornithologically correct” with provisions made for ventilation, drainage and cleaning. They are made from old barn wood, rusty tin shingles and other reclaimed materials, sometimes utilizing old salvaged house parts such as copper doorknob backplates and shutter  latches as functional but decorative accents.

Country birdhousesBarbed wire, whittled fences, ladders and unique rooftop finials and weathervanes also pop up from time to time in these original Barnyard Shoppe designs. The rustic charm of the old wood is enhanced by country colors inspired by the varied shades found in any cottage garden or meadow. The finish is intentionally distressed and timeworn leaving the impression that each birdhouse has been in use for decades.

Country birdhousesPrices for these standard sized birdhouses start at $45 for the smallest, simplest designs and go up to $135 for the larger or more elaborate houses such as the gold triple house in the photograph at the top of the page or the white arrow-topped “dovecote” in the photograph above.

All of these houses are big sellers, especially in the Spring. If the house you like is no longer available, we can build you one as nearly like it as possible. New designs are created often also. Ask about anything not pictured here.

Country birdhousesThe uniquely designed round funnel-topped birdhouses built at the Barnyard Shoppe are so charming that they are almost impossible to keep in stock. They are usually sold very soon after they are built and can’t be recreated unless the perfect rusty funnels are found in our flea market and auction forays. These birdhouses, too, are “ornithologically correct,” built with a removable panel for cleaning and plenty of ventilation coming through the tiny gaps in the vertical siding. Prices for these unique birdhouses are based on the size and cost of the rooftop funnel; they usually run between $45 and $115.