Who was Amos D. Bugg?

Barbara King is an accomplished woodworker with many years of experience and proven professionalism. However, when she first began to offer her handcrafted houses for sale to the public, she was a bit shy and didn’t relish banking on her own name. She decided she would feel more comfortable if she had a “middle man” to hawk her wares and cushion her from any pitfalls encountered along the way. She didn't realize at the time how very important it would be for her to meet personally and get to know the wonderful people who enjoy and collect her work. Very soon she discovered that she wasn’t shy after all; in fact she thrived on and thrilled at the attention!

So her hand-picked middle man, Amos D. Bugg, became unnecessary almost from the start; but he had already established a permanent place in the business and in Barbara’s heart, so it was decided that he would forever carry the banner. He was the undisputed leader of Barbara’s many constant and beloved companions on the farm where she lives and works and was quite proud to be the not so silent partner in all of Barbara’s endeavors. He will be forever cherished and remembered.

AmosFor those of you who did not have the opportunity to meet him, you missed a very special dog. Visit the Barnyard Shoppe if you ever travel to “downtown Browns Summit” in the North Carolina Piedmont and you can meet the rest of the family!

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