The American Legacy Collection

Sorry, custom or commissioned work is not being accepted at this time.

Hatteras house This is just a few of the custom pieces I have created for collectors who wish to have historical landmarks or special ancestral homesteads preserved in a unique artistic manner. I do not build intricate scale models; instead I create purely decorative, simplified renderings in a distinctive “primitive, folk-art style.” My approach meshes well with the simplicity of the classic architectural elements and helps to capture the “spirit” and dignity of the original structure without the need for minute details.

Buckhorn Baptist Church Usually I work from photographs provided by the customer but occasionally my only source is a sketch from memory or something like illustrations in a book. (The Buckhorn Baptist Church pictured to the right was recreated from an artist’s rendition of it reproduced on a commemorative anniversary plate.) Having studied whatever visual cues I am provided, I follow up with conversations or correspondence with the customer until the basic plan is set and the price agreed upon. Custom work is priced according to the complexity of the design—generally in the $175 to $450 range—but special requests that alter the regular production schedule can also affect the price.

Warren House I try to keep the “waiting list” manageable in order for everyone to be happy but I work alone and each piece takes a good deal of time. Please feel free to contact me to offer any ideas or to get answers to any questions.

I also accept commissions for special projects that are not necessarily historical in importance but are unique family architectural treasures nevertheless. Take a look at some examples in the Country Heritage Collection.

Maria Mitchell House Miksch Tobacco Shop Nash-Hooper House